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Meet Your Guitar Teacher

I've been a professional full time music teacher since 2008 and have been learning and playing music since 1993. I come from a family of teachers so education and a love of learning has been in my blood from a very early age. I thrive on helping people to overcome difficulties in their playing so that they can experience the joy of making music that has made me happy for almost three decades. I'm continually looking to learn and develop my own skills so I can learn how to help my students in a more effective way.

Having taught thousands of students in Yorkshire and beyond I have a wealth of experience of helping people from a variety of backgrounds and levels of learning. Prior to opening Sheffield Guitar Studio I ran my own private music school in Leeds where my team and I taught over 100 students a week in private lessons, group classes, band skills classes, songwriting workshops and masterclasses with other professional musicians and teachers.

In addition I've played hundreds of gigs up and down the UK and abroad in rock, blues, soul and show bands. I've even toured the USA, though this was with a brass band playing the tuba!

I currently work to give the best guitar lessons I can to my students as well as excellent service to back up the lessons so that students are left wanting for nothing. If you'd like to find out more about how I can help you then get in touch with me at

Guitar Teacher Sheffield - Sheffield Guitar Studio
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