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Guitar Lessons In Sheffield

Welcome to Sheffield Guitar Studio. I give guitar lessons in North Sheffield in Ecclesfield, near to to Chapeltown, High Green, Burncross and Grenoside

My goal is to help you to become the guitar player that YOU want to be...

Since opening Sheffield Guitar Studio in 2017 my aim is to give the best electric and acoustic guitar lessons that I can. Guitar students of mine are given the the support and encouragement that they deserve in guitar lessons with me and they will find that my guitar studio is a friendly and welcoming environment to hone and develop their guitar playing skills. Guitar students from all over Sheffield are finding that they are reaching their guitar playing goals.

Guitar Lessons Sheffield

Why Guitar Lessons?

Why indeed!

Do you feel frustrated with your guitar playing?

Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut and can't move your guitar playing forward?

Do you want to learn something new on guitar but don't know how to go about learning it?

Are you a complete beginner with guitar, overwhelmed with all the information available online and don't know where to start?

Guitar Lessons Sheffield

If you answered YES to any of these questions then guitar lessons are for you. Good guitar lessons should be more than teaching you how to play your favourite songs. They should help you with the things that you personally need help with to achieve the things that you want to be able to do, whether this be playing songs for yourself or with friends or writing your own music or playing live in a band.

Why Guitar Lessons
Guitar Lessons Sheffield - Sheffield Guitar Studio

I love my lessons with Jon because he is really kind and helpful. He's an amazing guitar teacher!

Eve Butcher

Firstly, Jon's a highly experienced and talented guitarist across a wide range of genres. Secondly, he's a really nice guy - easy to work with, warm, friendly, and always patient and supportive. Thirdly, and most importantly, he's a dedicated and skilled teacher. He focuses on you as a learner, understanding your particular strengths and weaknesses and tailoring what you work on together to get the best out of you. Highly recommended.

Andy Butcher (Eve's Dad)

Guitar Lessons Sheffield - Sheffield Guitar Studio

Guitar Lessons Should Help You In Four Key Areas


Good guitar lessons should help you to develop the techniques needed to get the sounds that you want out of your guitar.

Guitar Lessons Sheffield


Good guitar lessons should help you to understand the music that you are making so that you not only can make the music that you want to make but also relate them to the theory in a helpful way.

Guitar Lessons Sheffield


Good guitar lessons should show you exactly what you need to do between lessons to make the most of your time and progress quickly.

Guitar Lessons Sheffield
Guitar Lessons Sheffield


Good guitar lessons should help to remove the frustration of not being able to do what you want to do. Part of this is knowing what to learn, when to learn, it, how effectively learn it so that you can use it when you need it. Ultimately this removes the need for lessons entirely making you a self reliant musician.

How Guitar Lessons Help

How To Find Good Guitar Lessons

Whilst there are many good guitar teachers out there in the Sheffield area, you will also find some who are more experienced than others. Remember that a great guitar teacher will focus on helping you the most. Here are a few things to look out for in a great guitar teacher. Make sure that the teacher you pick does these!

Does The Guitar Teacher Take An Interest In You?

  • Does the guitar teacher seem interested in you? Do they want to find out all they can about you or do they just want to talk about themselves? A great guitar teacher will take the time to talk to you about what you can and would like to be able to do.

Do They Teach The Styles Or Styles Of Music That You Are Interested In Playing?

  • Some guitar teachers suggest that they teach all styles. Whilst there may be some teachers out there than can teach everything from bebop to death metal to classical guitar, it's often better to find a specialist who can help you with the challenges you face and with the music that you like. A good guitar teacher will let you know what they can and can't teach and which areas they know that they can help you with.

Do They Have An Extensive List Of Reviews To Prove That They Can Deliver?

  • They say that the proof is in the pudding so can a guitar teacher show you they they get consistently great results with their students? Try checking Google Maps, or Facebook to see if the teacher shows their reviews. 

Do They Offer A Free Introductory Lesson?

  • Does the teacher give you some of their time for free so that they can show you how they can help? A great teacher will not only give you this time so that you can assess them to find out if you would like to work with them but will look to get as much information in this time as they can that will help them to help you from the first lesson onwards.

How To Find Good Guitar Lesson

Jon is a fabulous guitar tutor who pushes you but always within the limits of what you are capable of – making learning guitar highly enjoyable. My guitar playing has improved beyond belief and I am now looking to join a band.

Bob Snowdon

Guitar Lessons Sheffield

Meet Your Guitar Teacher

I've been a professional full time music teacher since 2008 and have been learning and playing music since 1993. I come from a family of teachers so education and a love of learning has been in my blood from a very early age. I thrive on helping people to overcome difficulties in their playing so that they can experience the joy of making music that has made me happy for almost three decades. I'm continually looking to learn and develop my own skills so I can learn how to help my students in a more effective way.

Guitar Lessons Sheffield
Guitar Lessons Sheffield

Having taught thousands of students in Yorkshire and beyond I have a wealth of experience of helping people from a variety of backgrounds and levels of learning. Prior to opening Sheffield Guitar Studio I ran my own private music school in Leeds where my team and I taught over 100 students a week in private lessons, group classes, band skills classes, songwriting workshops and masterclasses with other professional musicians and teachers.

In addition I've played hundreds of gigs up and down the UK and abroad in rock, blues, soul and show bands. I've even toured the USA, though this was with a brass band playing the tuba!

Guitar Lessons Sheffield
Meet Your New Guitar Teacher

So, why me?

I have been teaching since 2005 and have notched up thousands of hours of quality teaching in that time. Students are continually satisfied with their lessons with me and their progress as a result of them. You can find many 5 star reviews of my services on, Google and Facebook.

Guitar Lessons Sheffield - Sheffield Guitar Studio On Yell
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Guitar Lessons Sheffield - Sheffield Guitar Studio On Google
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Guitar Lessons Sheffield - Sheffield Guitar Studio On Facebook
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Students are continually satisfied with their lessons with me. I work hard to provide the best service that I can. This service includes...

I utilise the latest technology in guitar lessons to make sure that students receive the best learning experience around. As well as recording students do they can hear their progress I can also show students how they can use the latest tech at home to improve their practice and increase their enjoyment!

Guitar Lessons Sheffield
Guitar Lessons Sheffield

All students get access to a Dropbox folder where they can keep their lesson materials to access anywhere. Lesson materials can not only include pdf files of their music but also MP3 recordings to help them with their practice at home.

Guitar Pro is an amazing piece of software for me as a teacher and also for my students. Not only can you use it to view music notation but can also be used as a practice tool to play the song that you are learning along with the music notation and tablature. I'm am pleased to be a part of the Guitar Pro Education Program and as a result can get students a 50% discount on this software. I also make sure that students know how to use it to maximise their practice results!

Guitar Lessons Sheffield
Guitar Lessons Sheffield

I am more than happy to record videos for students demonstrating what we cover in lessons. Often this is useful as a reminder to show exactly how something is played or the best way to practice something. Students are also welcome to record lessons as an additional aid to practice.

When the guitar lesson ends it doesn't mean that they help ends! I am available throughout the week to help with any concerns students have about what they need to be doing. Students are not just paying for their time spent with me but for the end result of being able to play guitar they way they want to. I work hard all the time to make sure that they are happy and developing their skills in a fun applicable way.

Guitar Lessons Sheffield
Why You Should Choose Me

Where To Find Me...

I am based near Ecclesfield on Chapeltown Road in North Sheffield, 5 minutes walk away from Ecclesfield Secondary School. I'm very close to Chapeltown Station and have excellent bus links to Sheffield City Centre, Chapeltown, Parson Cross and Hillsborough as the bus stop to the no.1 bus is right outside of my studio!

As I am located on a main road there is ample on street parking available.

Jon is a great guitar teacher. After struggling to get started with playing guitar solos, a few lessons with Jon got me on the right path and then some. Plus he made me a lovely cuppa. Didn’t scrimp either, it was Yorkshire tea. None of this Typhoo bs

Rob Stringer

Rock singer holding a mirophone
Find Me

How Much Do Lessons Cost?

My lessons are charged by the month. For this you either get a lesson every week or every 2 weeks depending on the package you pick. 

Hour lessons every week - £130 per month

30 minute lesson every week - £68 per month

Hour lessons every 2 weeks - £68 per month

I also give significant discounts on block bookings of lessons of six or more. Please contact me to discuss a package that fits your needs and budget.

How Much Do Lessons Cost
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