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Online guitar lessons are a great way of being able to learn guitar in the comfort of your own home with any teacher of your choosing, no matter their location. In this day and age free software such as SKYPE or ZOOM can be used to learn guitar effectively with all the benefits of a private lesson with a tutor. Owing to increasing demand I am now offering online guitar lessons for students who are unable to learn with me at my home studio.

Guitar lessons with Jonathan via Skype have worked surprisingly well, helped by the ability to share tabs and files across the internet. As a way of getting one-to-one tuition in your own home with your own set-up, it works well, partly thanks to the infinite patience of Jonathan himself and easy access to tea and coffee. Saves travel time for all concerned and I can recommend giving it a try.

Mike Fraser - Leeds

What do I need for online guitar lessons?

You will need a computer or tablet with a good webcam and microphone. Most inbuilt webcams are fine for this but. More importantly you will need to make sure that you have a reliable internet connection. I use SKYPE for guitar lessons but can also use ZOOM if preferred.

....and of course a guitar! An acoustic is fine although if you have an electric guitar then you will need to make sure that you have an amplifier that can be used for the session.

Remember that the help does not end when the lessons end. As a student of mine you are still entitled to the same range of benefits that the rest of my students receive, including access to our private student area which includes practice resources, additional lesson resources and a huge repository of footage of masterclasses with professional musicians that I have run over the years, all for no extra cost!

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