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Testimonials From My Guitar Students

Over the years it's been my pleasure to work with and help many people achieve their guitar playing dreams.

If you would like to join them why not get in touch?

A room full of guitar students

Students happy after a successful gig at Music Nation Leeds

His engaging and easy teaching style blend the technical elements with the music making effortlessly. He continuously varies the material to keep interest high and learning enjoyable.

Tim Johnson

Bald man in a graduation gown

He is calm shows plenty of patience and at the same time is very passionate. I can play rhythm and lead guitar and also written a number of instrumental songs with help from Jonathan in the structure and production of them. Best of all you can have fun in his lessons whilst learning the guitar.

David Harper

Guitarist in an Anvil T Shirt

Having failed to learn guitar when I was younger,  the lessons with Jonathan at Music Nation have improved my playing no end.  Having a lesson helps with motivation to practice and give it a structure.  He is very patient and personable.

John Parry

A man with steampunk hat and glasses

Jonathan is a highly experienced musician, knowledgeable and patient as a teacher. As a virtual novice electric guitar player, in less than half a year of guitar lessons involving practical and theoretical learning, Jonathan's tuition has enhanced my playing and furthered my passion and enthusiasm to play. His tutoring is in an unbiased, relaxed and sociable environment welcoming to musicians of any age and experience.

Jim Mumby

A man in glasses

Jonathan and his lessons do what it says" on the tin"; they help you become the musican you want to be!

Steve Porter

A man in glasses

After years of my guitar gathering dust, Jonathan give me a reason to pick her back up. In a short time with Jonathan's tuition, I gained important foundations for future progression with guitar and music in general. Jonathan is a walking encyclopedia of guitar knowledge with passion, creativity and talent to translate his craft for any level of player.

Luke Lachar

Guitar player in a hat

Jonathan showed me how to get best from my guitar. He is well recommended by me. Anyone who needs to get their skills in full working order get in touch with him.

Mick Fisher

Rockabilly guitarist playing live

Jon is a great teacher. After struggling to get started with soloing a few lessons with Jon got me on the right path and then some. Plus he made me a lovely cuppa. Didn’t scrimp either, it was Yorkshire tea. None of this Typhoo bs

Rob Stringer

Rock singer holding a mirophone

Going to Jonathan for lessons has made all the difference. He’s introduced a whole new way of learning which made a massive improvement to my playing in a short period of time.

- Andy Bowers

Man in a suit

Jon is a fabulous tutor who pushes you but always within the limits of what you are capable of – making learning highly enjoyable. My playing has improved beyond belief this year and I am now looking to join a band.

Bob Snowdon

Man in glasses
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