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The Best Introduction To Learning Guitar...

  • Have you tried learning guitar from scratch?

  • Have you found a method that perfectly suits your own learning style?

  • Have you found a learning method that responds to your own changing needs and questions?

I'm guessing that the answer to this is No. Whilst there are a wealth of excellent method books out there very few actually take the time to address the most important issue; how the content relates to you. You can't ask a book, e-course or youtube video a question about your own interpretation of the content. Therefore its important to be armed with the right information so that you can help yourself and become a self sustaining student of guitar no matter what learning program you choose to follow.

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The Beginner Guitarist's Toolkit is designed to work with whichever guide you have chosen to use to answer some of the less addressed areas of learning guitar. This guide will help you in the following areas:

  • Playing single note music such as riffs and melodies including notation and technique.

  • Playing chord based music and helping you to understand and implement reading chord diagrams, practicing chord changes, working with a beat, understanding and playing strumming patterns and recognising time signatures.

  • How to practice effectively so that you can give yourself the best results in the shortest period of time.

  • How to form long term playing habbits to reduce the risk of developing repetitive strain injury and other posture and tension related issues.

  • How to find a guitar teacher that is right for you.

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... and all for less than a price of a 30 minute guitar lesson!

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Alternatively download a sample chapter now and learn the secrets of developing an effective practice schedule now.

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