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Expert Guitar Tuition For Your School

Sheffield Guitar Studio Is A Registered Learning Provider For Sheffield Children's University

Extra curricular learning activities can have a huge positive effect on a child's development. As well as helping them to build confidence and broaden their range of skills extra curricular activities can help to develop a love of learning that is carried by the child throughout life.

At Sheffield Guitar Studio I work to reinforce these concepts by helping younger students realise that making music is not only fun but also beneficial and achievable. Through the core concepts of learning how to play, practice, understand and learn, children can become much happier individuals, develop a sense of identity and realise the joy that music can bring to their lives.

Sheffield Children's University - Sheffield Guitar Studio
Guitar Lessons Sheffield - Sheffield Guitar Studio

I love my lessons with Jon because he is really kind and helpful. He's an amazing guitar teacher!

Eve Butcher

Firstly, Jon's a highly experienced and talented guitarist across a wide range of genres. Secondly, he's a really nice guy - easy to work with, warm, friendly, and always patient and supportive. Thirdly, and most importantly, he's a dedicated and skilled teacher. He focuses on you as a learner, understanding your particular strengths and weaknesses and tailoring what you work on together to get the best out of you. Highly recommended.

Andy Butcher

Guitar Lessons Sheffield - Sheffield Guitar Studio

Children are motivated and inspired by different aspects of music and often want to play for different reasons. Because of this I aim to work with each child's interests and personal learning styles to come up with a program that is not a standardised sylabus but is one that is designed to be enjoyable and motivating for the student. Whilst I am a member of The Registry Of Guitar Tutors and can help children to attain grades in their instrument set by the London College of Music, this is not for everyone and I recognise that achievement and success can come in many different forms. So, whether they want to play their favourite songs, write music or play with friends or in a school ensemble I can help them succeed.

Rock Guitar Lessons in Sheffield

Jonathan is a great guitar teacher because he is explains things really well. Even after all this time I’m still inspired to learn as he asks for my ideas in choosing which songs I will play next. He also helps inspire me by recommending songs for me to listen too, to help grow my musical experience. I have been learning with Jonathan for almost 2 1/2 years now and my confidence and skills have massively improved. During the last year I have had my lessons online via video call which although it has not been ideal I have still learnt so much and still love learning to play. Jonathan is more like a friend than a teacher and is always happy to help me with questions I have about anything to do with music.

Charlie Hodgkinson

Our 12 year old son has been having one to one lessons with Jonathan for over 2 years now. He has improved tremendously and thoroughly enjoys his lessons. Jonathan takes the time to involve our son in the choices of songs he learns and welcomes him being actively involved which really keeps him engaged in learning. Jonathan is extremely friendly, kind and inspiring. We cannot recommend him enough, he even keeps our usually moody teen motivated, excited and inspired to learn... he’s a genius!

Katy Hodgkinson

Learn Guitar In Sheffield

I have been teaching since 2005 and have notched up thousands of hours of quality teaching in that time. Students are continually satisfied with their lessons with me and their progress as a result of them. You can find many 5 star reviews of my services on, Google and Facebook.

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I have a current DBS check and am also registered with the Registry of Guitar Tutors and the Musicians Union. If you have any questions regarding how I can help your school and your students please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!

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