Guitar Lessons At Sheffield Guitar Studio

Why Guitar Lessons?

Why indeed!

Do you feel frustrated with your playing?

Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut and can't move forward?

Do you want to learn something new but don't know how to go about learning it?

Are you a complete beginner, overwhelmed with all the information available online and don't know where to start?

A black and white picture of an electric guitar being played

If you answered YES to any of these questions then guitar lessons are for you. Good guitar lessons should be more than teaching you how to play your favourite songs. They should help you with the things that you personally need help with to achieve the things that you want to be able to do, whether this be playing songs for yourself or with friends or writing your own music or playing live in a band.

He is an exceptional guitar teacher and musician. I wish I had had the enthusiasm, support and commitment of his teaching when I started guitar over 20 years ago. I’ve learnt and developed quicker with him than in the previous two decades!

Tom Elliott

A black and white pcture of a male guitar student

Guitar Lessons should help you in Four Key Areas


Good guitar lessons should help you to develop the techniques needed to get the sounds that you want out of your guitar.

Two guitar students looking at some sheet music


Good guitar lessons should help you to understand the music that you are making so that you not only can make the music that you want to make but also relate them to the theory in a helpful way.

An electric guitar being played with a slide


Good guitar lessons should show you exactly what you need to do between lessons to make the most of your time and progress quickly.

A sheet of music with a guitar player in the background
A guitar being played live


Good guitar lessons should help to remove the frustration of not being able to do what you want to do. Part of this is knowing what to learn, when to learn, it, how effectively learn it so that you can use it when you need it. Ultimately this removes the need for lessons entirely making you a self reliant musician.

My skill level has come along immeasurably. I now play rhythm and lead guitar in a gigging band. I would never have had the confidence or ability without his invaluable help, I wish I’d done it years ago. 

Clive Hayes

A guitar student playing live

So, Why Me?

There are plenty of good guitar teachers out there but with experience of teaching guitar since 2005, including founding independent music school Music Nation Leeds in September 2012, I have had plenty of experience finding out what works best for students (and also what doesn't)!

Bragging simply isn't my style so why not visit my student testimonials page to find out more about what current and previous students have to say.

Alternatively you can contact me directly with any questions you may have.

Finally, they say that the proof is in the pudding so why not book a free introductory lesson? We can talk more about what you can and would like to be able to do and to find out more about how I can help you become the guitar player that you want to be.