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The Most Important Scale You Need For Learning Guitar Part 1 - Intervals

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

A big part of learning guitar is learning things in the right order. A beginner looking to learn Jimi Hendrix songs should not be dissuaded from doing so but would do well to be guided towards it through learning and mastering easier pieces first and developing the techniques and understanding in other ways. It would make the whole process much easier. Believe me as I've been there...

A big part of understanding music and guitar playing is the use of scales. Scales are a collection of notes that give a certain sound when played in a certain way. From scales you can create chords, harmony, melody and build your understanding upward from there. In western music (i.e. music that originated from Europe and places where Europeans have colonised and conquered) the major scale is seen as the ultimate starting point for this. Here is an example of a 2 octave major scale that is commonly used in when teaching guitar.

This scale in itself is quite complicated with 15 notes over 6 strings crammed into the space of 4 frets. To an experienced guitar player then this shouldn't present a problem to use to create melodies, chords etc.. but to the beginner, someone who is simply just starting out learning about scales and wants to be able to use them to make and enhance their understanding of music it's a little daunting.

So, I present (in my humble opinion) the most u