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The Most Important Scale You Need For Learning Guitar Part 3 - The Major and Minor Scale

Over the last couple of articles in this series we have looked at a whole bunch of different ways that you can begin to master the major and minor pentatonic scales on the guitar. Certainly there's much more that could be said on learning these but the ultimate aim of these scales is to help you to reach an understanding of the most important scales for understanding music; the major and minor scales.

Here are those articles again.

Part 1 - Intervals

Part 2 - Major Pentatonic Scales

Years ago when I was learning classical piano my teacher was very keen on me learning the major and minor scales. I would (occasionally) practice them religiously and whilst they helped me to pass piano graded exams I was never too sure what they were actually used for. When I started learning guitar I got a scale book and spent a summer learning how to play any major and minor scale all over the neck. Fast forward 6 months and I had forgotten most of this, mostly because I didn't use them at all in my playing.

Then as I began to learn more music of my favourite players something clicked which completely changed my view on how I viewed scales on the guitar. Let's go back to the major and minor pentatonic scales for the moment and in particular their intervals.